Tuesday, November 3

Alberton Mayor-Elect looks Awesome!!!

From The Guardian (the paper that covers The Island like the dew, except it's a dew that puts black ink on your fingers) comes this photo of Michael Murphy, who won* the Alberton Mayoral race by two votes.
*pending a recount

This is, without question, the most awesome looking mayor I can imagine. I don't know what his politics are, or his mandate, but I totally want him to be my mayor*.
*But my want is not enough for me to actually move to Alberton, obviously.

Compare this guy with the little leprechaun popup that shows up when you visit the webpage for my city's mayor.

Congratulations Michael Murphy.  I hope you win the recount.


josh said...

If you look really closely at the bottom right corner of the picture...it looks like...yup, he's holding a smoke.

Rob MacD said...

Of course he's holding a smoke. Betcha it's Export "A".