Thursday, January 8

Chimp: Thundercrack! Is Up At lala

Chimp's CD Thundercrack is slowly making its way around the internet.  CDBaby sent it out to various online retailers, and I just noticed it's shown up at a site called lala.  Not sure what lala is.  But Chimp is available there.

According to the lala stats, last week Chimp ranked 70,082nd.  This week's rank, 31,806.  We're movin' on up!  With a grand total of zero listens to the Chimp songs available there.  Zero listens!  Sweet!!  Of course, it looks like we're sharing that stat with another band called Chimp.

And check out the accurate Chimp bio.  It starts with "Pan troglodytes..."  I'm not sure, but I think they may be insulting us.

Edit:  Also available at Tradebit.

1 comment:

dave s said...

rob!!! we're pan troglodytes... how awesome is that?!