Monday, May 26

Three Automobile Racing Thoughts:

1) in motorsports, there is nothing better than a Formula 1 race in which rain interferes with a portion of the race. Yesterday was the Monaco Grand Prix, usually very much a processional race where there is no passing. Usually whomever makes it to the first corner of the first lap is the winner of the race, and the rest of the field follows suit, all in order.
But start the race in rain which continues for a good third of the race, and then continue through the rest of the race with a drying track but still with the threat of rain, and you've got a humdinger of a race. One of the better F1 races in recent years (at least in terms of keeping my attention).

2) I try to enjoy NASCAR. I really do. But 4 hours of driving around in a circle is just too boring. Yeah, it's close car to car action, and there's a lot of overtaking, but it's all rather unnecessary until the final 100 miles.

3) It's a shame that the Indianapolis 500 has become irrelevant. What will it take to get a good open-wheel series happening in North America? One that isn't comprised solely of oval-course racing? I long for the days of CHAMP car back in the early 90's. It was like the perfect amalgamation of the speed and excitement of F1 and the frequent-passing of NASCAR. Too bad they went and ruined it.


al said...

I genuinely tried to give watching the Indy 500 a shot yesterday, but when you realize how completely irrelevant being in the lead is for most of the race, you start to feel a little cheated trying to stay excited.
The Monaco race was fantastic though. Just too bad Kubica didn't stay in the fight for longer.

Rob said...

Hey, vettel, thanks for the comment. Great stuff there. And I'll try and check out some of those series you mention.