Friday, December 28

Leo Broderick Finds Himself On Both Sides Of An Issue


A somewhat embarrassed Leo Broderick held a press-conference yesterday at the Benevolent Irish Society on North River Road, to apologize for speaking out against a proposed set of traffic lights planned for the intersection of Kensington Road and Exhibition Drive in Parkdale.  On Tuesday, Broderick was the spokesperson for a group of Charlottetown citizens voicing their concerns against the traffic lights, saying that the lights were an unnecessary waste of tax-payer's money.
"Turns out I was at a rally in favour of this set of lights just the week before", admitted a red-faced Broderick, well-known on PEI for being against things.  "Sometimes

it's hard to remember all the things I'm against", yelled the activist

through his shiny new bull-horn, a Christmas gift from Sharon Labchuk.
When asked if he was now for or against the proposed lights, Broderick said "Yes".

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