Tuesday, May 8

Rob Promises: The People's Voice Will Be Heard

I've decided to run in the upcoming provincial election.  I am running as the sole candidate for the newly formed Bridal Shower Party.  While I'm not registered with Elections PEI, I am registered at Sears and The Wedding Place.

Today's Promise:

Rob Promises: The People's voice will be heard (plus, free small fries, or small double double)

If elected, I'll turn every drive-thru on PEI into a fast-food drive-thru - slash- PEI Access station.  You'll be able to order your food or drink, and officially complain about the state of things. Also, with your first complaint, you can get a free small fries or small drink.  Your complaints will be transcribed and collected for reports that will come directly to my office every day.  Plus, your provincial health card will also double as a "buy 12 get one free" card for the fast food establishment of your choice.

Since the drive-thru workers will be employees of the province, their pay-scale will be increased to match their new "government worker" status.

Stay tuned for more promises...

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Chris Wilkinson said...

I'm excited!