Tuesday, April 10

Grindhouse - A Review (not my review)

This is a link to a review that perfectly reflects my thoughts on Grindhouse.
I couldn't speak it any better than this, how much I enjoyed the experience of seeing Grindhouse (every minute of it) in the theatre.

Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule review of Grindhouse

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dave s said...

i saw this flick (or flicks) for the second time last night, and i gotta say i loved it... the whole damn experience (fake tailers, missing reels, pops and scratches). who cares how much money it's making (okay, the producers care), the fact is that i think rodriguez and tarantino have made what will be considered a classic with 'grindhouse'. yeah, it's not for everybody, but for those of us who like this kind of thing, it's cherry (darling).