Tuesday, December 12

Pauley Shore Gets Punched In The Desperate

So, there's a video out there showing Pauley Shore doing his routine in some deep south place.  A guy in a cowboy hat comes up on stage and punches him.  There are reports that the thing was staged.  After looking at the video, which I'm not linking to, I would agree that it was staged.
If it was staged, well, how sad and desperate.  If it wasn't staged, how sad and desperate that Pauley Shore is still doing standup.

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J said...

I saw recently Pauly Shore purchased another $4.5M house. What do you have besides your worthless opinion? So stfu pussy.

señior psychosis said...

J loves Pauly Shooo-ooore!
J loves Pauly Shooo-ooore!
J and Pauly in a tree…

Rob said...

Wow. A Pauly Shore defender. They really do exist!
As for what I have besides my worthless opinion, I have a few things. Some of them I wouldn't trade for a $4.5M house and a no talent reputation. Many more of the things I have, I wouldn't trade for a life where I end up defending Pauly Shore on an insignificant blog like this one.

graham said...

I recently read a post by J. Here's a man that will put his dignity, taste and integrity out to the trash, simply to defend someone who he feels sorry for, because this certain someone has no friends left, except for people that wanna party in a 4.5 million dollar house. I think we should respect J more, who is like a mother theresa figure to undeserving millionaires.

señior psychosis said...

graham loves Jaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaa!, etc.