Wednesday, November 30

A Week And A Day Away

Sketch22 Christmas Poster 2005
Originally uploaded by The Annekenstein Monster.

The Sketch22 Christmas show is only a week away.
We've been asked a lot: "Is your show going to be sacrilegious?"
I usually start to ask: Can you define sacrilegious?, but end up just saying: "Yeah. Probably."


Steverino said...

The link won't show me a larger picture, but it makes me happy anyway. Je cannot wait!
Making it even better is the chance to watch it avec mon brother. Sean made a surprise return for a couple weeks today, showing up at my school. I'm sure we'll both enjoy it muchly. Maybe if you ask him nicely, he could play a wise man or a young Santa... he's got the beard for it now.

Mandy said...

Sacrilegious or not, the show was SO funny. Thanks guys.