Tuesday, October 4

And It's Goodnight From Him

When I was growing up, The Two Ronnies was a show (imported from the BBC to the CBC) I enjoyed.  I cannot remember any specific comedy from any of the episodes I saw, but I remember the show to be smart comedy.  Writerly comedy.  I appreciated that. 

The only thing I remember, really, is the sign off: 

Ronnie Corbett: "It's good night from me..."

Ronnie Barker: "...and it's good night from him."

Yesterday, Ronnie Barker passed away.  And I bet ten pounds I'm the only one in the world who will have thought to use that headline.


Jason A said...

Hi Rob:
I was no doubt too young to get most of the jokes in the Two Ronnies, but I did enjoy watching Barker and Corbett. It's a shame.
Oh and a quick search on Google shows me you owe me 10 pounds. The Australian used that original header as well.

the5uperu5er said...

The bispec comedic cockney weirdness that shaped my inner child has fallen, wilted like a blossom from the tree of kneejerk guffaws. I am tearful.

Ghost said...